FIR lodged in mysterious death of minor brothers

KARACHI: Four days after the death of two minor brothers from suspected food poisoning, the police on Wednesday lodged an FIR on behalf of the children’s bereaved father.

In the FIR, the complainant neither accused the restaurant and shop directly of providing poisonous edibles nor held them blameless. However, he did raise his doubts on them for providing toxic food or stuff. According to Ahsan, he was in Lahore on a business tour when on November 11 his brother Subhan informed him via phone that he was taking Ahsan’s wife and sons to a hospital. “I returned from Lahore after getting news about my sons’ deaths,” said the complainant in his recorded statement. He further stated that his wife told him that they went to a play land at Sea View, from where they bought sweets and chips, and then dined at a restaurant. However, later in the day, their condition became unstable. His wife also told him that Subhan had taken them to a hospital. Ahsan suspected that “hazardous food” from the eateries caused his sons’ deaths and wife’s illness, and they should be investigated.